Our syllabus is well- established one that is taught by well qualified teachers who have many years of experience in how to give your child the motivation they need to succeed in their school life.

Motivation is the key to success, at FPN we instill and develop motivation through several systems:

  • Teaching the child how to work in groups, play! share with others, follow and accept rules which is motivation their social development.

  • Developing the child’s fine and gross motor skills through drawing , arts and crafts, dancing. Coloring, etc, which is motivating their physical development.

  • Increasing the child’s knowledge of the world around him! her by story telling, role playing and examining similarities! differences in their daily life. Giving them a sense of achievement which motivates them to learn more.

Our syllabus concentrates on developing the child’s vocabulary, recognizing shapes, numbers, alphabet, all the necessary subjects to be able to enter K G.